The 4 Best Small Business Insurance Providers

Most top business insurance companies offer all the basic insurance options small businesses need, including general liability and property coverage. The best small-business insurance providers go further by delivering the special coverage options you need to protect your business operations from the unique risks found in your industry. Several providers stand out by arranging these industry protections into flexible and easy-to-understand package policies. Whether you’re new to the business world or have been operating for years, industry protection packages help to simplify the insurance buying process so you can get the coverage you’re after without wasting a lot of time and energy.

While most insurers spread their attention among both business and consumer markets, CNA focuses exclusively on business insurance. The company delivers special coverage options for businesses of all kinds, from the very small to the very large. Choose from an excellent variety of industry packages built to include all the coverages you need to protect your business property and liability interests. CNA delivers package policies for businesses in more than a dozen different industries, from hotels to manufacturers and real estate offices to nonprofit organizations. These packages are designed with flexibility in mind, enabling you and a CNA agent to mold a package policy into something that meets all the unique needs of your business.

Farmers Insurance
Farmers Insurance delivers more than a dozen industry packages in business sectors as diverse as auto repair, education, retail, and construction. These packages are designed to address the special needs of small and mid-size businesses generally, while including flexible add-on coverage options to address all the special risks your business faces. Farmers Insurance has an excellent selection of special liability coverage options to address risks related to manufactured product liability, cyber liability, errors and omissions liability, and employment practices liability.

Hanover Insurance Group
Hanover Insurance Group offers two dozen different industry packages targeted at larger businesses. While small-business policies are available with standard property and general liability coverage, Hanover’s industry packages are designed primarily for business sectors characterized by medium to large-size operations. Industry package options include hotels and motels, medical facilities, craft brewers, manufacturers, and cultural institutions, among many others. A full selection of special liability and property coverage options are available to deliver all-around protection for your business regardless of its special needs.

Farmers Insurance
Farm Family makes this list not for the variety of their small-business packages, but rather for several relatively unique policies designed for agricultural businesses. The Farm Family agribusiness package is designed to meet the special needs of family farms, combining a comprehensive business policy with residential property protections. Farm Family also offers policies for agricultural businesses without residential facilities, such as nursery or greenhouse operations. Farm Family’s equine package is designed for horse businesses of all kinds, including basic stable operations, breeding facilities, and riding schools. If you’re running an agricultural business and you’re looking for comprehensive policies with flexible coverage options.

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